High School Students…

Let's start your College Essays!

One-on-one we will:

  • Brainstorm & spitball, free-write & revise your Personal Statement.

  • Find your topic. Find your voice.

  • Conceive & craft & complete supplemental essays.

  • Study successful essays, figuring out how they work & why.

Take the stress out of the college essay.
Engage in the process in a fun & adventurous & creative way.

Five sessions, according to your schedule. 

Let your ideas, thoughts & memories take wing -- in words.

Let your ideas, thoughts & memories take wing -- in words.

Your Essays

Introducing a package of five sessions for rising-seniors to begin their college essays. I work with you when it works for you. The package is offered at a rate significantly lower than my usual one-on-one rate. The package encourages you to start your essays early and gain the benefit of time. This allows for more exploration and creativity, and less stress. By committing to an early start you are committing to a schedule of thinking about and composing your Personal Statement. 

In our sessions, each student will individually ponder the set of standard Common Application prompts, find the one(s) that resonates most deeply, spitball, brainstorm, draft and draft again. By the end of our sessions, the student will have a strong draft of his or her Personal Statement. Also, each will complete the supplemental essay: Why Are You Applying to Our School? Throughout this process, students will encounter this question multiple times. One-on-one, we will establish a procedure for answering by addressing one particular school from each student’s list. Each student will complete a polished, supplemental essay which will serve as a model for many others. Also, we will study successful Personal Statements. 

Five weeks, five 1½-hour sessions. 

  • College App Essay Writing

  • The fee is $750.00

  • I work with you when it works for you.

  • Payment reserves space and must be made before the start of the session.

  • Payment via Venmo @ Featherinc, Devon O'Brien or PayPal.

  • For details, send me a message here; or contact me by phone (323-944-2171) or email at obriendevon4@gmail.com


Testimonials from
Students & Parents

“I highly recommend Devon to anyone who is potentially struggling to write their college essays or who is looking for someone to help their good essays reach a level of greatness.”

— Nick, future freshman at UCLA.



“I wanted to let you know that Chloë applied early decision to Smith College and she was accepted! Thank you so much for all your help in this process. We feel like her essay was a big part of her getting accepted and it wouldn’t have been as perfect without your insight and editing skills.”

— Harmony


“Devon’s work was greatly appreciated. She helped me say what I was trying to say in a much clearer and more straightforward manner, without ever changing the core of what I was trying to express. She helped me reach the best version of my ideas, and gave me new vocabulary to use and experiment with here and there. Overall, she made the process of writing and editing feel a lot less stressful, and made me more certain of my ideas. Devon mainly gave encouraging feedback and helped me write the best essays I possibly could. If I were to try to do that alone it would’ve taken a lot longer. Most importantly, your essay will still be your own essay even with her help.”

— N. Parsons. 


“There is no one better to guide a teenager during the pressure-filled time. I highly recommend Devon. My son’s essay was better than anything I could have imagined.”

— Martha P.